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Lorgues, France
Route de Salernes - 83510. Lorgues.
Provence, France.
Tel: +33 04 94 60 43 52

Winery Facilities
• Tasting Room  • Boutique Hotel  • Restaurant
• Cooking Classes

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    Wine making has been a way of life at Château de Berne since 1750, and 80 of the estate’s 600 hectares are devoted to vineyards. Every wine is a subtle mix of nature’s influence and man’s expertise, and at Château de Berne we have perfected a balance between the two.

    The composition and quality of the different soils give our grapes a unique flavour, while the expertise of our wine-makers guarantees extremely high levels of quality control.

    Our vines are looked after with the greatest of care, and produce wines which are thought to be among the very best.

    In achieving this, we combine age-old traditions with the finest modern technology.

    To accompany the fine food, service and ambience, an inspired selection of wine is offered, including the château’s very own vintages, harvested from the traditional Provence grape varieties: Semillon, Rolle and Ugni-blanc for the whites; and Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cabernet-Sauvignon for the reds and rosés.

    The winery offers accommodation in a beautiful hotel.


    Today, Château de Berne excels in every aspect of vine care, harvest, production, storage and appreciation.

    Our excellent facilities allow us to produce 400,000 bottles in our winery and we are always delighted to welcome individual guests or groups of visitors to our working vineyards, cellars and Wine School.

    Our vines face south/southeast at an altitude of around 300m where they are exposed to an average of 3000 hours of sunshine and 650 mm of rain each year. In this prized location the vines flourish, aided by the mistral winds that remove any excess rain, dew and humidity that could damage the quality of the grapes.

    • White grape varieties:
    Ugni Blanc, Sémillon , Rolle and Clairette.

    • Rosé and red grape varieties:
    Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Carignan. 


    The Wines:

    • Grande Cuvée
    This full-bodied, racy wine was only produced in a single year, 1999. An extraordinary Syrah crop produced an exceptional wine.

    • Cuvée Spéciale
    Powerful and classic, these wines are the estate’s finest. The very best grapes are carefully selected on the vine and harvested by hand only once they have completely matured. The grape varieties chosen are known as ‘improvers’ and produce well-structured red, white and rosé wines with an impressive depth of flavour.

    • Cuvée Terres de Berne
    These fresh, expressive young wines are very typical of the area and are drunk at all occasions.

    • Wild Pig
    This delicious sparkling rosé wine is an ideal and original choice for special occasions. Its delicate bubbles reveal hints of raspberry and strawberry.

    • Cuvée Justine
    An typical sparkling white Provence wine, Cuvée Justine is equally appreciated as an aperitif or as a very agreeable wine to accompany food.


    Wine Tasting and tours: Winemaking has been a way of life on the estate since 1750, making Château de Berne the perfect place for wine aficionados to indulge their passion. From seed to storage, our resident experts will inspire you with talks and workshops, encompassing:

    • Tours of the vineyards, cellars and wine school
    • Wine tasting and appreciation
    • Guidance on choosing and arranging a cellar.

    Château de Berne has a beautiful hotel.


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